Different types of survey may be combined.


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Having flown millions of line kilometers of aeromagnetic surveys in a multitude of geologic environments, the staff of GDS has profound experience in processing and interpretation of geophysical data. GDS combines state-of-the-art hardware and software tools with experience and knowledge to process and interpret data, with attention to detail and thoroughness.



  • scoping and planning of exploration campaigns and geoscientific studies
  • survey parameter definitions
  • harmonization with local authorities
  • risk analysis and safety procedures

Data acquisition

  • wide range of fixed wing (airplane) and helicopter platforms fully equipped with satellite GPS positioning systems and state of the art geophysical instruments
  • airborne radiometrics, magnetics and electromagnetics
  • sampling, processing and chemical analysis of lake-bottom sediments

Data processing and analysis

  • proven experience and expertise
  • computer network system, acquisition and/or development of new data processing and interpretation software
  • image enhancement, spectral analysis, deconvolution, modeling
  • map production

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