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High Resolution Airborne Magnetic Survey

GDS provides extensive global services in the acquisition, processing, presentation, and interpretation of aeromagnetic data. We install magnetometer sensors in fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters, in a "stinger" configuration. In addition, by using two or more sensors, we measure vertical, transverse and/or longitudinal gradients.

Advantages of acquiring gradiometry data include the ability to calculate the horizontal gradient vectors from both the longitudinal and transverse gradients, improving the interpolation between lines, particularly for structural features parallel to sub parallel to the flight lines.

Mining exploration

Acquisition of airborne magnetic data is an integral part of most mining airborne geophysical surveys, serving as a valuable addition to electromagnetic and radiometric surveys. Airborne magnetics is used for target hunting and detailed geologic mapping of structure and lithology. Line spacing and flight altitude are the survey parameters controlling the survey resolution.

Oil and Gas

Recent improvements in the resolution of aeromagnetic surveys have sparked a renewed application of multi sensors magnetic surveys for hydrocarbon exploration. High resolution aeromagnetic surveys can be used for mapping of faults and fracture systems throughout the sedimentary section, in addition to the traditional task of defining basement structure and lithology.